Saturday, 30 January 2016

she is not invisible

On Thursday 28 January I finished reading She Is Not Invisible, by Marcus Sedgwick. It was a library book of Maisie's which she enjoyed and told me I should read. I wasn't that keen on it.

It was quite well-written, but the thing I especially didn't like was that there were too many preposterously stupid things done by characters purely for the purposes of the plot. It's laziness, really; you could work harder on creating a plot that is kicked off by far less unbelievable behaviour on the part of the blind teenager daughter, and for which the denouement/explanation does not rely on absolutely preposterous behaviour by the father (and also which does not use the device of the father's notebook as authorial info/philosophydump). It was a mild thriller/adventure (over the course of less than two days), which isn't my kind of thing anyway (whether in adult or teenage form), and which often have daft plots, but it was beyond that in terms of being annoying and beyond disbelief suspension.