Friday, 8 January 2016

ella enchanted

On Tuesday 22 December we watched Ella Enchanted on the digibox. The premise (curse of obedience - cursed to do whatever anyone told you) didn't bear analysis, in a way which was annoying rather than being easy to suspend disbelief about and go along with (even with mother's foolish deathbed instruction to never tell anyone of the curse, this could be overruled by someone ordering her to tell her secret, or the good fairy who knew of it and the promise simply overturning it (which makes it monstrous that she didn't), so that you could take your friends with you everywhere to overrule mischief-makers; but even that's giving it too much analysis).

That aside, it was a charming and well put together slight subversion of the fairytale genre. Anne Hathaway in particular had a very charming screen presence. The only thing I've seen her in before, I think, is The Devil Wears Prada (yes, my feminine side and I are in constant touch). And Wikipedia suggests that it was her own voice used when she sang Somebody To Love in the film, which is impressive if it's the case, as it was a good version (and which prompts me to mention that, as in pantos, I liked the use of contemporary pop songs). (Ah, seen her in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland too, which I wasn't fussy about as a film.)