Friday, 9 October 2015

ringed plovers on driftwood

I'm not a regular buyer of 'art' - Bethan does much more, mainly ceramics, though still not that much, we're not made of money you know - but I did buy something on our holiday in Harris this summer. A painting on driftwood of three ringed plovers, by Meriel Ensom; I bought it for £80 at the Finsbay Gallery (which we were staying close enough to walk to - not as close as the Mission House Studio, where Bethan bought a ceramic bowl off Nickolai Globe).

Paintings of creatures on driftwood is her thing; others of them didn't look as natural as this one, though; I liked the way the grain of the wood looked like ripples in the water in which they were standing (their feet weren't painted in, adding to the impression).

The lady in the gallery said she sometimes sent bits of driftwood in the post to Meriel to use; she didn't try to imply that my bit of wood was a Harris bit. Nor did she try to hide the fact that Meriel is not local but actually based on the East Sussex coast. I don't mind that my souvenir from my Harris holiday actually travelled from further south to get there than I did.

It's up in our sitting room, and I'm pleased with it.