Friday, 9 October 2015

morris folk club - april to september

We held the April folk club in the St Barnabas church hall, which transformed surprisingly well into a suitable space, with fewer lights on. I sang I Once Loved A Lass and The Ark.

I was away for May folk club, which was in the St Barnabas hall again.

In June we had a picnic with a little singing in a park, and then went to see the Stag's Head in Hoxton as a possible new venue; it looked good.

In July we had our first folk club at the Stag's Head, and it went quite well. Danica and I sang Who's Going To Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet together; I sang The Old Maid in the Garret; and Ginny and I sang The Slave's Lament (which we had difficulty getting off the ground, with the harmony we'd devised, just getting the starting notes was tricky, and that made us self-conscious throughout; we hadn't practiced enough, really; Michelle said we should give it another go).

There was no folk club in August.

In September we were back at the Stag's Head, and it went well again. I MCed it, which went okay, and I also sang A Calling-On Song and Gartan Mother's Lullaby. It's a small room with a stage and good acoustics. At the April folk club Rosie had recorded a couple of things, including me singing The Ark; it was as unpleasant to listen to as listening to yourself singing always is, but the main thing I learnt from it was that I sounded like I was singing far too loudly, and unnecessarily so. I made a conscious effort to sing less loudly this evening, and I think it was the better for it.