Thursday, 3 September 2015

a school photo from autumn 1983

A combination of Facebook talk of a possible school reunion and being at home in Lewis with my old school photos prompted me to break cover, photographically, on Facebook, with a photo of myself holding an old school photo.

It's a photo of just me, taken (in the music department, if I remember rightly) in advance of going to the National Mod in October 1983, in Motherwell, when I was on sixth year. The only time I ever went to the national mod. Me, Ronald Murray, Calum Macrae and a choirload of girls, which made me wonder - too late - why I hadn't done it before.

I sang Mi'n Seo Nam Onar, still the only Gaelic song of more than five lines which I know all the words of. Perhaps going in for Mod competitions again would be the only way I'd ever get around to actually learning Gaelic songs. I remember I went in to school to sing it in front of a gaelic teacher so she could check my words (I was, as now, a 'learner', though of course doing no actual learning, just forgetting). She looked at me and asked who'd done my gaelic with me. My mother. It was, of course, perfect.

I came second in my competition to Donald Shaw. If I'd won, perhaps today it would be me who was in Capercaillie and married to Karen Matheson. A lucky escape.