Monday, 31 August 2015


A Facebook group has appeared for a potential 50th/1984 school reunion next year. I didn't go to the 40th. Reunions have their pros and cons. I'm not at my best mingling in a room full of people, far less when I haven't seen most of them for about thirty years, even with those who were my friends. A room full of boys I was intimidated by and girls I was intimidated by and/or at least a little in love with. (Though to be fair that last sentence could describe many rooms I was in over the years.) But I may come round to the idea yet.

(And many of the people one might want to see - one's old friends - might not be there.)

My working assumption, even in university days, was that people from school wouldn't recognise or remember me. In fact it's perfectly possible that they were thinking, 'There's that snobby Iain MacDonald, rudely ignoring me.' Not a rude snob, just a shy idiot.