Thursday, 2 April 2015

march folk club

On Tuesday I was at the Morris Folk Club, which we had at a new venue we were trying out, the Dissenting Academy pub off Newington Green. A much nicer venue than Hysteria, but actually it felt like as much background noise from the pub as there, which was its main drawback but fixable (the other main drawback was that the way to the gents was through our space, though we could rearrange things to make that less of an issue).

I sang On Horseback by Mike Oldfield, another folk song in hiding. Of course I sang the verses rather than speaking them, to the tune of the guitar part being played underneath them. It went okay, though I'm clearly not very good at getting people to join in on choruses.

For my second song I was going to sing the Sheena Wellington version of The Death of Queen Jane, but I thought it wouldn't be loud enough to compete with the pub stereo, so I sang Boots of Spanish Leather, which was just on the verge of being pitched too high - but I only changed my song plans during the preceding song, so I wasn't fully ready for it. I sang it in the Nanci Griffith version rather than the original, in which the second half of the tune is higher than the first half rather than lower - ie an octave up from Bob's original.