Friday, 20 March 2015


On the Morris Folk Choir Facebook page this evening I posted:
'On Tuesday a good number of us went up to Cecil Sharp House for the singers night at Sharp's Folk Club. Singers nights at Sharp's rarely let you down, packed with songs and tunes well done by a great range of performers.
'In the first half we did All For Me Grog and Poison In A Glass Of Wine; in the second half (in decreasing numbers) we did Whiskey In Me Tay and St Giles' Bowl (one of our Tim's songs - title track off his new album, don't you know!). (Tim and Iain from the choir also did a couple of songs each.)
'I think it's fair to say we did okay!'

I shared it on mine, with this note:
'In the first half I sang Making Time - another of Tim's songs, which (with his permission) I'd picking up off a demo version and tinkered with the words a little. Tim's churning out so many good songs that this one isn't even on his album; the tune in particular is lovely. Perhaps in thirty years it will see the light of day on Tim's Bootleg Series Vol 1...
'In the second half I sang Jock o' Hazeldean.
'I did them both a little too high, especially Jock, but nothing new there, and largely got away with it (though a bit disappointed with the latter in particular). Sharp's is always a very supportive and forgiving place.'