Tuesday, 9 December 2014

catching fire; mockingjay part 1

On Thursday 6 November we - not Bethan, not interested - finished watching Catching Fire on DVD. We'd seen the first one (The Hunger Games) before, on a video from the library I think, and I'd read the first book in advance of it for vetting purposes, and had also read this one. They were both okay, but nothing special. The Catching Fire poster had been up in the bedroom for some time already, though. Well, when I was a teenager I had a t-shirt of The Wall before I'd seen the film or even heard the album.

Then we - not Bethan, not interested - saw Mockingjay Part 1 in the cinema when it was newly out, on Saturday 22nd November. I think that was part of the motivation of watching Catching Fire on DVD (we bought it in Cex, with part of the proceeds of selling the old DS and most of the games for it), to be ready for this. It was, again, okay, but nothing special, although quite interesting about propaganda and how good and bad authoritarian systems might not be so different.