Wednesday, 8 October 2014

morag henriksen's bra

Morag Henriksen's bra appears in a short story [of her own] along with Portree legend John the Caley, and there won't be too many times when I can write that in the same sentence. The story is true, and was based on a chance encounter with a sheep-worrying young dog along the shoreline, a mile from the nearest house, when a younger version of the writer was in need of a leash with which to control the animal. The solution, witnessed by John the Caley, was unorthodox.
Having returned the dog to its rightful owner, Morag then submitted a claim to Toravaig Grazings Committee and was rewarded with £25 - 'enough to buy several bras'. Session chair Cailean Maclean confirmed that the Grazings Committee accounts did indeed contain an entry 'For Morag Henriksen's bra'.
- WHFP, 12 September, report of Skye Book Festival