Sunday, 5 October 2014

catriona knox

As I've probably mentioned in a Morris-related post, I saw comedian Catriona Knox on Tuesday 2 July at the Hope and Anchor in Islington, doing an Edinburgh preview. She was doing character-based sketches, which were more hit than miss. I was only there because I didn't know she'd been booked there and so displaced the Morris choir from their upstairs rehearsal room. (Morris weren't there much longer before their being-messed-around culminated in being moved out altogether; the room is now being used as a small theatre, linked with the King's Head Theatre.)

Catriona was more hit than miss. There was a degree of audience interaction, which was tough as there were only seven or eight of us there, and I think I was the only person there who didn't know her. (I don't think it was widely publicised.) I didn't mind staying for it (it was free, also); you've got to embrace the serendipities of London. As I said to people, perhaps when she's famous I'll be able to tell people I saw her in a room with half a dozen people, but I won't let on I was there by accident.

(Long ago we saw two Edinburgh try-outs in small rooms at the Riverside Studios, I think in the same season; one was Al Murray Pub Landlord, who was not obscure then, but not as well-known; one was a Lee Mack show, ditto for Lee, but his helpers were unknown then I think - Catherine Tate and Dan Topolski.)

Here's her website (she's in the Boom Jennies too, who I heard subsequently on R4). As well as coverage of her show at this year's festival, there are some reviews of last year's: Spectator sounds fair (Grenfell a familiar comparison, I think); The New Current (her comic performing talent outstripping her comic writing ability, also said by more than one); The List; One4Review; and here's a review from this February, with some of the same characters it sounds like, from the Evening Standard.