Friday, 12 September 2014

slovenia - may 2014 - tue 27th to sat 31st

Tuesday 27th. Bethan, M and I had a day's walk, mum stayed in the hotel and village. We walked out from KG on route 2, across the road on the south side of the wooded hills, with views south, until it met route 19, which we then walked back along, at a lower level, close to the river. We only made two significant stops. One not long in, perhaps an hour in, where there was a viewpoint at an inn (Sinjak?), where M had a Cockta, then another hour in, when we had lunch on the path, on rocks by a stream (only time when we had light drizzle; a warm and often sunny day); after which we went on out past Jurez and back in past Fetalez, these being names of farms more than settlements, I suspect.

We left at 11, started home at 3, and were home by 5. B and M went for a swim in the hotel pool before dinner. Then we had a stroll into the village, popping into tat shops and having drinks and ice cream in Charlie's. The Belgian basketball team left after dinner, we think (and the Russians after breakfast on Wednesday). The lounge furniture was being moved in the morning, and when we came back in the afternoon and evening exhibition stands were being set up for a computer technology conference. Quite a contrast of clientele.

Wed 28th. Early start for coach trip to Ljubjana. Drove there, and around city, with commentary, then walked round pedestrianised centre with the guide and up to the castle, before being given time to wander ourselves. Ate lunch, then wandered. I got two CDs of Slovenian music in the tourist office. The bus left KG at 8.45, home about 4. Would have been good to have longer; if we'd had longer we might have gone back for another day. It was a pleasant small European capital with attractive architecture. Put one in mind of Edinburgh as capital of an independent Scotland...

Back at the hotel, M and I went to pool and jacuzzi before dinner, then all out for drinks to a restaurant.

Thu 29th. Mum stayed around KG while we got a service bus at 1028 to Ratece, and walked from there up to Pec, the hilltop where the borders of Italy, Austria and Slovenia meet. It took us about 2h20 to get up, had lunch on the top, then less than two hours down. Another mainly warm and sunny day, except just when taking last photo on top a heavy shower came. We got quite wet on the first part of the walk down, but it and we dried up, and it was hot back in Ratece. B and M went to pool, I went to town and got chocolates for work. Mum and I met Kasia for Saturday pickup info and chat. Dinner, then Pirate Flux and table football.

Fri 30th. Got bus to Bled - the 0915 direct. We took a boat trip to the church on the island in the lake, then lunch in lakeside restaurant. Various tummy upsets hit, so that the rest of the afternoon was a process of toilets and buses home, changing at Lesce. M got some souvenirs, then dinner, table football and Fluxx.

Sat 31st. In the morning, having packed, had a last go on the chairlift and summer toboggan. I went up and down chairlift taking photos, passing B and M when they were on their way up before they summer tobogganed down; I got to the bottom just in time to video them. Then coach to airport and flight home.