Thursday, 11 September 2014

slovenia - may 2014 - sat 24th to mon 26th

Not such a long wait this time for typing up the notes on this May's Ingham's holiday, this time to Kranjska Gora in Slovenia, a ski resort, though not at this time of year, of course. Sat 24 - Sat 31 May.

Saturday 24th. Flew with Adria from Gatwick to Ljubljana. We left almost an hour late because they couldn't find a little truck needed to push the plane out from the gate. People were cheered up by a little girl asking, once we'd moved from the gate, if we were going into space. There was little food available on the plane, but we'd planned for that possibility. Ingham's coach to hotel, with several hotel stops in Bled and Kranjska Gora. Got to hotel around midnight, where food had been left out for us and the other pair who were on the plane. (Quite a few Inghams guests, and other UK packages, in the hotel on other time periods.)

Sunday 25th. Briefing at other hotel after breakfast with Ingham rep Katia. Booked coach trips on Monday and Wednesday. Walked a bit out of town and down to the river; mum went back and we carried on along the road south down to the two lakes (small, picturesque - learned later on bus trip that they were artificial and used to be artificially heated by giant metal plates in the river. Back to hotel, where we ate our packed lunches outside. In the afternoon we walked into the village, then to the chairlift and summer toboggan to see what was what. Decided to do it, so changed back at hotel and back out with mum, who watched while we went up chairlift and back down on summer toboggan (on fixed rail with hand-operated brake stick to control speed). I went fast but didn't enjoy it particularly. Cherub keen to do it again.  Then to cafe for drinks, where cherub and I experimented - I had Radler, which turned out to be a rather nice grapefruit shandy, cherub had Cockta, a pleasant local soft drink. Then walked all the way through town and back to hotel, where Bethan and cherub went to pool before dinner.

We were sharing the hotel with female basketball teams, probably national student teams, from Belgium (the ones we saw most of), Russia, and Montenegro (who left on Sunday), part of a tournament. It was designed to make you feel short, fat and unfit. Breakfast and dinner were all-you-can-eat buffet style. Not very adventurous, but straightforward and fairly pleasant fare.

Monday 26th. Breakfast, then picked up for bus trip at 9.45 and home about 5. Out for a wander into town before dinner - went to Charlie's cafe for ice cream, and some tourist shops, and also to Mercator supermarket for a couple of things (always good fun and interesting (and cheaper) to go to local supermarkets). After dinner, played table football, cards and read. (With dinner, M had lemon Cockta, I had Zagerog, and B and mum had Slovenian wines, as B and I had on Sunday.)

The coach trip was to the Julian Alps. We went from Kranjska Gora to Trenta over the Vrsic pass. It was raining most of the way up and at the top, so we did not stop at the top as planned, since too wet and no views. On way up stopped at Russian chapel and not long later at an inn (possibly Koca na gozdu), there mainly for a drink and toilet stop. On the other side we stopped at Trenta, where we went to the museum (instead of the stop at the top), which B and I found interesting, then at an Italian fortress, before lunch at Bovec - M and granny ate in restaurant with party, B and I ate packed lunch on bench in light rain under a tree; we saw a church cemetery and walked through the village, including a cafe for a drink and toilet stop. The coach went onwards for a circular route back to Kranjska Gora, including half an hour driving through Italy (though we didn't stop). Back in Slovenia, drove down into valley south of Ratice to see ski slopes under construction, then home to KG. The KG party were last on and first off; most of our group are staying in Lake Bled hotels.