Saturday, 20 September 2014

murder, marple and me

On Tuesday 18 June last year I went to the Ambassadors Theatre to see a one-woman show, Murder, Marple & Me, about Margaret Rutherford, filming Miss Marple, and Agatha Christie. Janet Prince was the one woman. It was quite short, which I had expected since I'd seen some of the reviews from the Festival - it was a fringe hit - which indicated it was an hour long. They made it one hour twenty by giving it an interval. I was pretty sure I saw Josie Lawrence coming in at the start, and at the interval I was standing near her outside, it was indeed her. Ambassadors is the theatre where Stomp is usually on, but it's different things at the start of the week. This was a touring production, there for Tuesday and Wednesday for two weeks. I'd been looking at tickets the previous week, when we had two potential nights out, so I knew there were plenty tickets, enough that I thought I'd be able to get one at the half-price booth, and sure enough I got one for £10.

Downstairs wasn't full, and I don't think anyone was upstairs, but it was well done and well received, for what it was - I guess I was concerned that half-price booth purchasers might feel short-changed in length and cast number; a one-person show's the kind of thing you have to make a conscious decision and deliberate effort to buy into from the outset. The set was split, broadly speaking for Agatha in her house and Margaret in her dressing room (Miss Marple also plays a part - or is played as a part). It was interesting biographically too, with interesting details of the kind covered pretty well in Margaret Rutherford's Wikipedia entry.

It was just a short run, so not many reviews (also a long time's passed, of course). British Theatre Guide (which makes a good point, that I felt too at the time, that the particular height of the stage in that theatre worked against the needed intimacy and created distance). One Stop Arts. The View From The Upper Circle blog (new to me). Bargain Theatreland (also new to me, and not where I'd expect to find actual reviews). Camden Review. Onomatopoeia blog (quite a high hit rate of reviews new to me).