Saturday, 20 September 2014

martin beck novels: the man on the balcony; the man who went up in smoke

The Martin Beck novels: a series worth ditching the Ngaio Marshes for.

I read in rapid succession, partly because I did them accidentally in the wrong order, the second and third Martin Beck novels by Sjowall and Wahloo, The Man on the Balcony (third, finished on Sunday 20 July), and The Man Who Went Up In Smoke (the second, finished on Wednesday 23 July).

The first I'd read was The Laughing Policeman, the fourth, after which I bought the first three and read the first, Roseanna.

The Man Who Went Up In Smoke:
First line: The room was small and shabby.
Last line: 'Not well,' said Martin Beck.

The Man On The Balcony:
First line: At a quarter to three the sun rose.
Last line: 'Yes,' Kollberg replied. 'For this time.'
Dedication: This is for Barbara and Newton

The covers for both Smoke and Balcony are from the same series as Roseanna; the comments on the blog post linked above apply.

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