Friday, 18 April 2014


Last Saturday we all went to the cheap morning showing of Frozen at the Odeon Surrey Quays. I was probably keenest to see it, actually, as it had had such good reviews, and people seemed to go to see it more than once (including to singalong showings - the people behind us were singing along at some points), but we were all pretty underwhelmed. I thought it was very slow getting going, opening with two or three very 'stage musical' songs; the songs were all of that kind, which I don't like at all, and I felt very much that the film had been written with turning it into a stage musical in mind, and it was all the worse for it; the plot was pretty sketchy; the funny snowman sidekick seemed quite out of place, and his much-vaunted humorous song was a one-liner stretched out unimaginatively ('I want to do what frozen things do in summer...'). I don't know why it's been so enormously successful; it didn't charm our family.