Monday, 7 April 2014

daylight music: superman revenge squad; danni nicholls

At lunchtime on Saturday 8 March I went to Union Chapel for their free lunchtime music session, Daylight Music. I saw the second half of their first act, Superman Revenge Squad, and the first half of their second act, Danni Nicholls, and nothing of their third act.

I was prompted to go because Morris Folk Choir are performing at one of these sessions, in May. This is what I emailed to the MFC list at the time:

'I went to the free lunchtime music event at the Union Chapel today to see what it was like - I saw some of the first and second acts (and someone plays the church organ between acts).
'It reminded me of the free music nights I've been to at the Bedford in Balham (, where you get three or so acts, with fliers and CDs and a suite of online presences, generally in the pre-success part of a hoped-for career, and a professional set up from the venue side of things. (The Bedford is genuinely free; Union Chapel is a strongly encouraged donation of £3.50.)
'The audience was similarly respectful - in terms of listening and expressing appreciation, even though there was a lot of coming and going (and eating and drinking). It was bigger - there were over a hundred people there when I arrived, and the number increased. There was a range of ages, including children (there was a table with paper and crayons), but I'd say a significant majority were 20/30s, which seems to be the demographic they're going for, young Islingtonians easing themselves into their Saturday.
'I think it'll be a nice place to perform, and think we'll be received well. If today, and the Bedford in Balham, are reflective of the acts roster, we will be unusual in not having a CD to sell, and we may be a bit more fun and less earnest than a lot of others.'

In terms of the two acts I saw: Superman Revenge Squad was spoken word poetry (rather than rap) over music, which was okay and better in the flesh than the clips I'd listened to in advance online; Danni Nicholls (website not displaying properly for me, but at the moment featuring some good photos taken at this gig) was country/rockish singer-songwriter, accompanied by another guitarist, who had recently recorded an album in Nashville (I'm not sure why it gives people more cred to go to Nashville or somewhere else in America to record an album rather than doing it in London, but it must do because people keep doing it), and was accomplished but unremarkable. Here is the Daylight Music Facebook event page for the gig.