Monday, 7 April 2014

blood simple; inside llewyn davis

On Saturday 8 March, after the Daylight Music session mentioned in the previous post, I watched a Coen Brothers double bill in the afternoon at the Riverside Studios, of Blood Simple and Inside Llewyn Davis. My first double bill for years. (The womenfolk were at Crufts for the day.) I enjoyed it, both the films and the double bill experience. What I said in an MFC email, as a kind of ps to the Daylight Music email, was 'When the cats are away (at Crufts) the mice will play (at the Riverside Studios for a Coen Brothers afternoon double bill of Blood Simple (moral: hiring someone to kill your wife rarely ends well for anybody involved) and Inside Llewyn Davis (moral: impressive talent can come without either bankability or likeability)).'

The print of Blood Simple was an actual, scratchy old print, of a kind which I similarly haven't seen in the cinema for ages, which was good to see. Blood Simple was the Coen Brothers' first, Inside Llewyn Davis their latest, and they were both very good. Blood Simple was beautifully constructed and scripted. I guess the main drawback for Inside Llewyn Davis was that the main character, like most of the other musicians, wasn't very likeable, which inevitably in my view makes it less engaging; the music was very good, however, and you did get a feeling of accurate historical tone. I spent the start of the film wondering if the main actor was Nick from New Girl, having discarded the idea that he was the math whizz from Numbers, and the rest of it sure that it was. When I checked later I found that Nick from New Girl was Jake Johnson, Charlie from Numbers was David Krumholtz, and Llewyn Davis was Oscar Isaac.