Friday, 14 March 2014

sir john soane museum; temple church

On Thursday 20 February - during half-term - I and the younger generation went to the Sir John Soane Museum and the Temple Church. It had been quite a few years since I'd been at Sir John Soane's; in fact, my compadre had been there more recently on a school trip, which was a courageous and aspirational choice for a Year 2 or 3 teacher, taking them there on the theme of light. A good place for it, certainly, but not a museum in which I'd be keen to be in charge of thirty young children. We had to queue a while to get it, but not too long, and we enjoyed our turn around it. I got the guidebook, and read it yesterday, but no reason to keep it having read it, I think; I find this more and more with things like that, and similarly with taking photos of places, that I know I can always find as much info or as many photos as I want anytime online. Until the great internet blackout, that is, after which civilisation will collapse.

We followed it by popping down to the Temple Church, which we got into free because they were about to close, and it was long enough. An impressive and interesting place; one of these London places which would be a major attraction in most places but is just another among London's many little treasures which are off the main tourist trail (even after The Da Vinci Code).