Monday, 24 March 2014

relatively speaking - wyndhams

On Saturday 18 May last year we - having a free evening courtesy of a Brownie sleepover - went to see Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn at Wyndhams Theatre, starring Felicity Kendal. We enjoyed it, but it was fairly lightweight, and something of a period piece. It was well-performed though. Felicity Kendal still good value, though she's not as young as she was.

Some reviews still knocking about on the first couple of pages of search results (the newspaper reviews seem to be from the week after we saw it, so the press night may have been just before we saw it, or just after; more ticket agencies and non-review theatre sites and fewer blog reviews coming up, perhaps to do with non-optimisation over longer-term of the latter). Telegraph (Interesting review as an article. Opening: 'Relatively Speaking was Alan Ayckbourn’s first big hit, written when he was in his mid-twenties. That breakthrough production in 1967 starred Celia Johnson, Michael Hordern and the young Richard Briers, quite a bill for a West End debut, and Noël Coward generously sent a congratulatory telegram to the young author, congratulating him “on a beautifully constructed and very funny comedy”. That verdict still seems bang on the money though astonishingly this is the first time Relatively Speaking has been revived in the West End since its premiere. In his introduction to the script, Ayckbourn says he “consciously set out to write a ’well-made’ play”, believing that “you cannot begin to shatter theatrical convention or break golden rules” until you are “reasonably sure what they are and how they were arrived at”.'). Another from the Telegraph ('Things have reached a pretty pass. There is on the stage in Relatively Speaking a prop, intended to give the piece a period Sixties feel, the very like of which I still have in use in my own house.'). Guardian. The Stage. The Arts Desk. Evening Standard. Time Out. Spectator. Daily Express (doesn't get featured often in my round-ups). Huffington Post. Trip Advisor (never had them come up before either; fascinating; didn't know they included theatre reviews from people; seem to be 91, but the link seems to be for the theatre itself so the reviews can be of any production on there I think, or just for the theatre itself).