Wednesday, 12 March 2014

london gallery quire at st mary's wanstead

A week last Sunday evening (the 2nd) the London Gallery Quire sang at the evening service at St Mary's Wanstead. I think I've been there twice before with the LGQ (I'd probably never have been to Wanstead otherwise - I've been to some unfamiliar corners of London with the LGQ). The two strongest tenors weren't there, which I wasn't expecting, so I felt quite exposed, but we just about got away with it. I discovered last week that with our new laptop I could successfully download Sibelius Scorch, which I hadn't been able to do before, which is a programme which (perhaps among other things) lets you hear a simple electronic music version of a piece of sheet music, and which the LGQ repertoire on its website is set up for, so hopefully that will be a help for future music learning.