Monday, 24 February 2014

the lego movie

On Saturday 22 February the younger generation and I went to a cheap morning showing of The Lego Movie at the Genesis cinema on Mile End Road (a new cinema to us, two short bus rides away, but we'll certainly be back, especially if they continue to include first-run films in their cheap Saturday morning showings).

The trailer had led me to hope it would be funny in a clever way, which it was, but it was also well-constructed (hah!) and thoughtful, with an interesting idea underpinning it. As I said in a comment in response to a blogpost, 'Ask most 40-something parents about Lego and they’ll say "Lego today is all kits with instructions; in my day you just had a tub of lego and used your imagination." I thought, rather strikingly, they were tackling that criticism head on in the film. Lord Business is what the Lego company has become, the rebels are the children using Lego as it was originally intended. Lego sales will go up, certainly, and children will be driven back to their lego – but making things, and stories, from their own imagination rather than just following the instructions on specific kits.' (The blogpost I was replying to was by Jennie Pollock, who also enjoyed the film but had a more spiritual take on the worldview/message of the film, which I can see how you could get, even if I didn't get it...)