Sunday, 16 February 2014

the barefoot contessa; the water horse

On Monday 6 May last year - a bank holiday - I watched The Barefoot Contessa in the afternoon while the others were at London Zoo, and in the evening we all finished watching The Water Horse.

I quite enjoyed The Barefoot Contessa, and it was an interesting structure of flashbacks from different characters' viewpoints; the most surprising thing about it was that the main character had the same name as a friend from church. It ticked another off my non-existent list of main-Oscar-winning films, as Edmond O'Brien won the best supporting actor Oscar for his role as the publicist.

The Water Horse wasn't too bad either; I think I'd had in mind the Ted Danson movie about Nessie, so I was pleasantly surprised; it was well acted, and a little more nuanced than it could have been (although if it was supposed to be Loch Ness, the geography of the loch (as a sea loch) was all wrong, but necessary for the plot - I see from Wikipedia, which details some of the geographical infelicities, that it was a lake in New Zealand). But I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again.