Thursday, 13 February 2014

london roman wall - vine street and cooper row

While meeting Douglas for lunch today at Aldgate, I dragged him along to look for what I think are the two remaining bits of London's Roman wall that I haven't seen before, going by my Museum of London Roman Wall Walk book, which relates to the info panels, not all of which are still there, or are there in replaced form.

We didn't find the one on Vine Street. The book's not very clear with its map, but I was sure we were where we were meant to be. It turned out we were, but the wall is in an office basement, only viewable fractionally from outside through a small window.

Here's a blog of someone who walked it who got a couple of photos from inside:
- and to compare, here's a blog of someone who walked it who got a photo through the little window:

So I don't feel foolish that we missed it.

The Cooper Row stretch we did find, usually described in places I've read as at the back of a car park, but it's a nice courtyard now. (Photos in both blogs above.) It (and therefore the lesser-spotted Fenchurch Street station, which we also swung by) is much closer to the Tower of London than it had occurred to me it would be; you could see it down the end of the street.

The second blog account above also has a photo of the wooden structure/sculpture marking/commemorating the location of the Aldgate itself, the east gate through the wall for the Colchester Road.