Monday, 10 February 2014

cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

Two Saturdays ago the younger generation and I went to the cheap morning film at the Cineworld in the Dome/O2 - £1 each with the reduction for booking online. We brought our own supplies, so it was a very cheap cinema trip (though of course we had to pay my tube fare). There are a number of different cinemas within reach which do cheap Saturday morning screenings of non-current films, so there's usually something we could go to see if we wanted (although this Saturday just gone, for example, we'd seen them all already, or they were aimed at younger children).

I preferred the first film (which we saw on DVD I think - we certainly have it on DVD), but this view wasn't unanimous. I thought the first was more interesting and inventive, this more predictable and formulaic.

Afterwards we ate at Nandos, watched the mostly-girls settling down way early near the doors for that evening's Taylor Swift concert, and popped into the free Sky studio experience, where we took some fake photos of ourselves and did a fake newscast; haven't gone online to view/download the results yet.