Sunday, 16 February 2014

berberian sound studio

On Friday 14 February I stayed up late to watch Berberian Sound Studio, which I'd recorded some time ago. I remembered Mark Kermode spoke well of it, and Toby Jones was in it, who is always good value, but I didn't really enjoy it. One of these films depicting some kind of breakdown where things make no sense to the character and the character can't tell what's real and what isn't, which I don't mind as an approach but which I don't like when the same is then true for the viewer, when it just all then becomes pointless. I really couldn't see what the point of it was, or where the framework of the reality might be. The most interesting thing about it was the presumably-accurate insight into the world of sound editing and sound effects, and therefore the heightened awareness of the sound editing/effects that were going on in the 'real bits' in the film, not just those they were making for the film they were working on.