Saturday, 15 February 2014

an advancement of learning

Started on Monday and finished on Thursday An Advancement Of Learning, the second Dalziel and Pascoe detective novel by Reginald Hill. It was better than the first, but still not great; the characters were slightly less unlikeable. I got six in a cheap deal, so will persist, not least because he's spoken of so highly by respected others. Maybe they pick up; also they're quite short, easy reads. But this one had one of those chapters near the end where the detective explains what led them to arresting the culprit for murder and how they did it, which leaves you thinking well yes I can see how that makes sense but I'm not sure I could reasonably have got there with the information you've shared with me up to now in the book (and a bit like Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where you get the story from one of the culprits but think a) why did they tell them all that, and b) when it comes to the trial the lawyers will be able to create huge holes of doubt in that reasoning.

I've never watched the long-running TV adaptation; might be interesting to pick up a repeated series one of these times on Freeview and see what they're like.