Thursday, 27 February 2014

abandoning gardens of the moon

Today I abandoned Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. I'd renewed it a few times from the library but am still only half-way through it (around 300 pages into about 700, with at least eight further volumes, plus companion novels by the co-creator of the fantasy world), and I found that I wasn't keen to pick it up again, but was picking other books up instead. I'm sufficiently old now that if a book I'm reading for pleasure is turning into a chore, I'll stop it.

I was up for a new fantasy novel, and liked the sound of this from my Bloomsbury 100 must-read fantasy novels, but it's just going too slowly and not grabbing me. I don't think it's the thought of the eight further books to read after this one, because in the end I decided not even to finish this one - unlike, say the first Game of Thrones volume, which I did finish though I knew before the end I wouldn't be carrying on with them; well-written, but I didn't like the plots and the way I could see it was going. A similar feeling, then, except not as well-written. I don't think that I'm not prepared to commit to a whole series at my advanced age - certainly have been in the crime genre, for example. Maybe I just want something a bit more straightforward, and a bit lighter - in more than one sense: why do so many fantasy series have to be so heavy, both literally and metaphorically? A bit of humour and lightness of tone wouldn't go amiss, and the ability to convey a complicated world and plots without making them feel complicated (I'm not averse to complication per se).

Maybe, fantasy-wise, I'll pick something else up at the library, maybe I'll pick something off our own shelves next. Or maybe I'll just make further headway with Lord Of The Rings.