Friday, 31 January 2014

old letters

Having a bit of a tidy-up, cleared out the letter rack in the hall. The rear two compartments were mostly full of old letters, some of which I suspect had been there even before we moved into this house, though some were more recent, Christmas letter type. Some for me, some for Bethan. I certainly haven't looked at them for years, and haven't written a proper, ordinary letter by hand to anyone - by way of a reply rather than a one-off special - for years. Those which were mine, I think they were latest letters from someone which I thought I owed replies to. Happily, everyone in there who I want to be in touch with I still am, generally online. Those who are still alive. Something of a time capsule really.

Also found a set of photos from our godson's baptism weekend. He was born June 1998, so the dads look very young (the mums haven't changed, of course), and my hair looks ridiculous.