Thursday, 9 January 2014

moon; silent running; asimov's mysteries

On Thursday 25 April I watched Moon in the afternoon by myself, Silent Running in the evening with the family, and finished reading Asimov's Mysteries.

Moon I really enjoyed, very thoughtful and bore analysis in a way that films like that don't always; it was well constructed and well done; I've not been a big Sam Rockwell fan, but he was good in this.

Silent Running I remember seeing probably when I was in school and it making a big impression on me. As is often the way, it wasn't as good as I remembered it, though I did enjoy it; I'm sure I viewed it differently as an old man, though, finding the main character less sympathetic and more murderously insane.

Asimov's Mysteries I enjoyed, and I liked the sf/detective genre combination, but again perhaps not as keen on Isaac Asimov as I used to be.

ps Yes I am trying to catch up on blogging some of my 2013 activities.