Sunday, 29 December 2013

the harry hill movie

On Monday 23rd December we went to an afternoon showing of The Harry Hill Movie at the Shaftesbury Avenue Cineworld. It had had mixed reviews, but we enjoyed it a lot, being very like the humour and style of his TV work.

That's the cinema which is in the Trocadero centre - whichever chain it used to be used to include that in its name (Wikipedia suggests a sequence of MGM, Virgin, UGC, Cineworld - I'd forgotten about MGM cinemas, but they were there when I came down first I'm sure), but perhaps Trocadero is a poisonous brand now. The centre itself is very run down; it feels almost post-apocalyptic, with stalls and tat shops camped out with a very temporary feel in what used to be a centre with some pleasant and reputable shops.