Sunday, 29 December 2013

rereading lord of the rings

On 23 December I posted this on Facebook: 'Not much of a one for re-reading, but felt in need of a fantasy journey story, so have decided to give Lord of the Rings another go. I read it when I was in school but wasn't that taken with it (I appreciated the world/history creation rather than the actual execution of it). Maybe I'll appreciate it more now. Though I have just plodded through the prologue material - can't work out why it was thought necessary or valuable to put all that stuff at the start rather than in the appendices (a couple of pages would have done, including the rewriting of ring acquisition from The Hobbit in the light of its now greater significance). A Long-Expected Party awaits.'

I've started reading it - in a nice seven-volume edition (film tie-in, but discreetly so) that I picked up in a charity shop some time ago - and decided to make some notes as I go. Partly on how I'm enjoying it, partly on how it's striking me, partly on how/why it works and is beloved, and inevitably partly on comparing it with the films.

I'm making the notes in a notebook; I may blog them exactly as is, or expand/reflect.