Sunday, 29 December 2013

morris folk choir and lgq in december

In December I had my first three performances as part of Morris Folk Choir, apart from the anomalous though marvellous involvement in The Events. Singing at the St Andrew's Christmas fete on Saturday 7 December was nicely low-key, as to a large extent we were background music to the fete in the body of the church, with only a few people deliberately listening to us up our end of the church. On the following Saturday we had our Christmas concert and ceilidh, which I thought up to a few minutes before the start time was going to be very poorly attended, but it was respectable in the end, and went pretty well. Then on Tuesday 17 December we sang Christmas carols - and other songs from our repertoire - in Euston station for Marie Curie, and that was fine too, though of course no static audience.

The last rehearsal in November was the designated Morris Folk Club night - the first I had made it to in the end, though that was what was supposed to be on the night I first went along. That first night was completely a rehearsal for the upcoming performance, and this night was mostly a rehearsal, but did have four or five individual performances from choir members, including one from me, my first at Morris, a rendition of Stop The Cavalry, appropriately seasonal, which I think makes a good folk song (I did it at Sharp's a few years ago, but not sure they were convinced). It went fine.

And on Wednesday 4 December we had the London Gallery Quire Christmas concert at St George's Alie Street. I felt a bit underprepared for a couple of them, but it went pretty well on the whole I think. Doing the two choirs has helped me enjoy LGQ a bit more, I think, as I was getting a bit stale with it. I've probably said before that if I'd gone to Morris first I would have been happy with that and not added LGQ to my 'portfolio', but I'm sure LGQ improved my confidence and my choral ability.