Saturday, 16 November 2013


For the first time in ages I went to Sharp's, on Tuesday 24 September; it would have been a Morris Folk Club night, but they decided to go to Sharp's instead, after the rehearsal (which I wasn't at), as it was Gerry the barman's last time (another firm has won the contract). It was a good evening; I put my name down but didn't sing, but I was far from the only one, as there were many there, and I think those who did sing only sang once. The Morris choir did sing, Roll the old chariot along, which was one of my favourites of the night (I didn't go in the choir, but I did sing along as everyone else did; Sharp's always very good for singing along; also, I still had my right lens covered up after the op, so looked rather odd). Probably my favourite of the night was a humorous version of Matty Groves called Fatty Groves.

I definitely won't get along so often now, Tuesdays being Morris night; I hadn't been along for a while, partly because I'd lost my nerve. I haven't made it to a Morris folk club night yet.