Monday, 14 October 2013

the events - the post-dress-rehearsal email

This is what I said in my email to ATC after The Events open dress rehearsal:
'I was in the Morris Folk Choir at the rehearsal of The Events last night. It was a great play, and great to be a part of it. Thank you.
'I had cried, for the first time in many years, the morning after Andy Murray's victory at Wimbledon. We had been talking about it at work, and I said that what I was thinking about most was the mixed feelings there must be in Dunblane of pride in Andy and sorrow over his fellow schoolchildren who never got the chance to grow up and do things with their lives. Which made me cry.
'It would make me a little cross when people would complain about Andy Murray being insufficiently cheerful. When you've sheltered in an office while someone is shooting your fellow pupils in another part of your school, you have the right to be dour from time to time.
'Nobody feels like singing *all* the time.
'But whatever you've been through, you do still feel like singing some of the time.
There's a lot packed into that 2% of DNA which is just us.
'Best wishes for the tour, and thanks again.
'Iain MacDonald'

I have that text not because I still have the email, but because they put it on their blog.

I had been keeping an eye out for Events coverage, on places like the Young Vic website and the Actors Touring Company website, and I think it was after I'd sent that email to the ATC that I said to Michelle that it was a shame the choir didn't have a Twitter account, as it was another way to promote our events etc and we could mention our involvement with The Events; I also said that I'd had a look (!) at likely possible names to see if they were free, and that I'd be happy to set up an account and then let someone else run it (I thought I was a bit new to be muscling in myself). Michelle said set it up, and run it, so I did.

I think it was the day after I'd set it up that ATC got in touch to thank me for my email - which I'd sent a few days earlier - and asked if they could put it on the blog that they were setting up for The Events on their website, which they were giving a bit of an overhaul. They said they'd credit me, and give a link to me on Twitter (I'd also tweeted them); I said no problem, but could you include two twitter addresses, mine and the choir's, as although it was a personal response rather than an official choir response it would be good to give the choir a bit of a plug, and they said fine. (They did then give the blog post the title 'Message from London Morris Folk Choir', which I was a bit embarrassed by, but no one in the choir seemed to mind when I told them about it apologetically.)