Monday, 1 July 2013

white bear - school for wives

I saw School For Wives at the White Bear Theatre on Tuesday 12 March. Like most of the things I've seen there, it was pretty good. The dialogue seemed a bit odd to start with, until I realised the translator had done it in verse, as per Moliere's original. It was good enough that I was sorry I hadn't made time to go to see the production of Hamlet which had been on in January at the Network Theatre at Waterloo, which I took for a visiting amateur production (and I really didn't fancy another amateur production), and while it was visiting it wasn't amateur, as a couple of folk in School For Wives had been in it, I saw from the programme. (The White Bear continues to be a bit frustrating in not seeming to have a mailing list, although I've left my details twice.)

Again impressed by the quality of theatre that you can see in small London venues at reasonable prices; I guess partly there are just so many actors looking to make a living, or get experience, or get things on their CV. Sometimes you think there's a star of the future, sometimes not; other times you see people who have been longer in the business, either who have always been working away in the margins or who you recognise from something well-known in the past, and either way it's impressive that they've kept plugging away, especially when they're good. With some minor difference in the acts of fate at some point or other in their career, they might have become much more successful.

Reviews. One Stop Arts. The New Current (new to me) (over-loved it) (also interview with director here). Everything Theatre (new to me). Notes of an Idealist (new to me). Remote Goat. The theatre company was Mercurius, whose website indicates that it was up for (but presumably didn't get) Offies for Best Director and Best Actor; the page for this production had links to all the reviews listed so far, who all liked it, and (without over-digging) I didn't find any other reviews - all, I think, amateur blogs, though not low-quality; you do wonder why it is some fringe productions get picked up for review by bigger outlets and others don't).