Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I finished Matter by Iain M Banks on Sunday 14 July. It was slow going, but picked up. But not one of his best; for all the build up and setting up and creating of worlds and ideas, and an interesting mix of sf and fantasy worlds and themes, the final phase and purpose didn't live up to it and seemed rather anticlimatic. But it's always impressive how detailed the worlds and situations created are, with ideas thrown in for a paragraph that someone else could have built whole chapters or books on. Also sometimes he's clunkily transparent in his books in having chunks which are just him airing his views on something, whether it's politics or religion and the meaning of life, and there was some of that.

Another author I'm working through chronologically, although of course sadly there is now a definite end-point to the sequence. I got Matter from the library, and had to renew it a few times; but I picked up the next one, Transition, in a charity shop before I'd finished Matter.