Thursday, 11 July 2013

football notes in the Rudhach

They've recently started carrying quite detailed reports of Point's football matches in the Rudhach. I don't know who writes them, but I'm going to pay closer attention after reading the ones in the current issue. They're detailed, which isn't always a blessing - I've read some excruciating detailed amateur football reports in my time - but these are interesting and nicely written.

From the report of the Point-Aths Jock Stein cup tie on 29 May (Point lost 2-6): 'Point began their 3rd game in 5 days without Andrew Archie who has a chest infection/nasty cold, and Alan Macmillan who has Church on a Wednesday, although he found out it was cancelled and made the bench - not that he's a joiner.' (I like the way it is straightforwardly accepted that a player won't be available for certain matches because he goes to church - and that on a Wednesday, mark you, not a Sunday.)

My favourite bit, from the report of the Point-Harris league match on 31 May (Point won 0-1): 'Moment of the match: Stuart Flower - note taker for the game - wandering into the showers after the match. "You weren't playing, Stuart." "Yeah, but I've got no hot water at home"! We have a two-week break coming up, so who knows what he'll do?' (Should mention that he is a player, but injured, not just a random supporter.)