Sunday, 2 June 2013

scaring off tourists

I've been out of touch with the debate for a long time now, having long been away, but what I remember as one of the main arguments for having things open on Sundays in Lewis was that tourists would not expect this anomalous practice of Sunday closure and be put off from coming or coming back. I was reminded of this last Sunday in the Austrian Tirol, a region reliant on and popular with tourists, but where virtually everything was closed. I have in my travels found Lewis to be less anomalous in this regard than I was led to believe.

Speaking from more of the tourist's perspective which I now have in relation to Lewis, I'd say that what tourists probably find more anomalous and off-putting than finding things being shut on Sundays is finding so many things being shut from September to May in the apparent belief that there are no tourists in those months. Things may be better than they used to be in this regard; I do hope so.