Sunday, 19 May 2013

woburn safari park; love and death

We went to Woburn Safari Park on Saturday 9 March, our last big day out with the car before we got rid of it. It was pretty cold, and pretty quiet. We drove round the big circuit first in the car, then out of the car to the on-foot area for lunch and all the walk-through section, then again around the slightly shorter circuit before leaving. We saw three 'up-close' sessions, with birds of prey/owls, sealions and elephants; first two, doing their stuff, third, walking around and you were able to touch them (tough, dry and bristly). We had the obligatory safari park experience of a monkey on the car (thankfully only one, but enough to satisfy honour), and it was impressive seeing the lions in particular coming so close up to the car, but the thing I'll remember most was on our final drive round, late afternoon, and being by the wolves enclosure when they began to howl, a most eerie and mournful sound, and not a sound which would strike fear into you if you were out in the wild.

In the evening Bethan and I watched Love and Death. I'd got this and a couple other of Woody Allen's 'early, funny ones' cheap on DVD at Fopp last year (£3 each; in Fopp a few weeks ago they had a 10-DVD box of 20 Woody Allen films for £10; but I didn't buy it). I wondered if they would be disappointing, not as funny as I remembered them. It was pretty good, if not the comedy triumph I remembered it as, though I could see why I thought it was so good when I was younger. But I don't feel the need to keep hold of the DVD for repeated viewings.