Sunday, 19 May 2013

we all live in a perry groves world

I'm reading Perry Groves' autobiography, We All Live In A Perry Groves World. It's shaping up to be one of those which makes you like the subject less after you've read it than you did before. Although, to be fair, this is because he tells stories about himself which others might not have told - so it's possible that, say, I might like most footballers less if I read their honest autobiography - but on the other hand he seems completely unapologetic about these stories.

He does tell a striking-if-true story about Paul Merson, though, indicating that when confronted with toilets which said 'male' and 'female' rather than 'men/gents' and 'women/ladies', he didn't know the meaning of those words so which was which. Seems hard to believe, even among other similar examples; but a plausible and useful reminder that footballers often aren't the sharpest tools in the box, that Graeme le Saux was thought of as gay because he read a broadsheet, and that questionnaire profiles often indicate that they have never read a book.

(Later: finished it now. It didn't get any better. It seems hard to believe that whoever put the words 'heart-warming and hilarious' on the cover to describe it had read the book; it was bitter and unpleasant. Listening to him on R5 on Friday nights with Colin Murray and Pat Nevin will never be the same again. Pat Nevin, of course, more at the Graeme le Saux end of the spectrum, with his love of art and culture; I remember him saying he'd been fined while on a team trip (I think while with Tranmere, under John Aldridge) away to Dublin for going to museums and galleries instead of out drinking with the lads.)