Saturday, 13 April 2013


On Friday 22 February, in half term, cherub and I got the train from Waterloo to Windsor, to go to the Castle. The website advised us to arrive after half eleven; we got there about eleven and saw the queue and decided we'd have a wander in town first then come back. We went in to the small local Windsor Museum - which is in the old Guildhall - for a while, which I didn't do justice to, but we did get a special bonus of being taken upstairs to view the council offices on the first floor, which were architecturally interesting but which included the local court room and therefore the local registry office for Windsor Castle, so we were in the rather unassuming room where Charles and Camilla got married (which was not the main, fancier room as that was overlooked by buildings across the road which were full of photographers) - not that many people can say that.

We went to Nando's, then back to the Castle and in without queueing. It certainly took the pressure off knowing that we could use the ticket for a year and so come back. We whizzed round it, without the free audio guides, which we chose not to take, as there were very few info panels (an increasingly common approach, I think, achieved by giving free audio guides or having informed attendants in every room, but also a reminder that Windsor is a working residence so must save removing and replacing tourist-related material all the time). It was very cold, with snowflakes in the air; we had a little wander around the town after, but there wasn't much to interest us and the cold disinclined us to do it for too long.