Saturday, 13 April 2013

rango; fellowship of the ring

On Saturday 23 Feb two of us went to the cheap kids club showing at the Screen on the Green - our first time there. I do't remember how cheap it was, but they're always pretty cheap and we usually beat the system by bringing our own snacks and drink, which would be where they usually make their money (though also not drinking a lot means we avoid any mid-film toilet stops, which we were struck by when we watched Hotel Transylvania in the Shortwave Cinema (we had waited outside a long time, and there were only so many stalls in the farmers market there to keep us interested; the guy who turned up eventually didn't seem to know much about the kids screening, there was a kids party going on in the cafe area when we came out (there had been only maybe three or four family groups in the cinema), and they seem to have dropped their morning kids screenings since)). We didn't beat the system this time, though, because the back row or two in Screen on the Green are two-seater sofas with little tables and footstools, and the bar is in the room, along the back wall, so the great novelty of sitting in the comfy sofas with food and drink was not resisted. As often with these cheap showings, there was hardly anyone there; again, about four or five family groups.

The film was Rango, and we really enjoyed it. I had the impression that it wasn't that good, although it did win the 2011 Best Animated Film Oscar (I notice from looking up the list just now that I've now seen all the winners of that Oscar, since it was introduced in 2001, except Happy Feet and Toy Story 3 - cherub has also seen those two, so has now seen them all). A lot of it, especially at the start, seemed quite sophisticated and adult, so I was worried it might not hold younger interest, but it certainly did.

It was good to add a new cinema to our Saturday circuit. Although more often now, like today, we have a look and there's nothing on we fancy (increasingly we've seen them already, of course; some are for younger children; and often cinemas in the same chain are showing the same film). The Hobbit we went to when it was noew but the price difference is so great that you don't want to do it often.

In the afternoon we finished watching The Fellowship Of The Ring, which we'd started watching a long time ago but had begun watching from the start again on the Thursday. I've seen it before, of course, but other interest was greater now since seeing the first part of The Hobbit; it was enjoyed, and wasn't too gory, but there hasn't been a clamour to watch The Two Towers since.

(Later edit: when I reported this interesting fact in the house, cherub said she hadn't in fact seen Happy Feet yet.)