Monday, 11 March 2013

song of the thin man

Last month watched The Song of the Thin Man, the last film in the Thin Man box set Bethan bought for me a few years ago. They've lasted us well, and they were mostly pretty good. Well acted, especially William Powell and Myrna Loy, and lots of wisecracking dialogue. Like a lot of these old films, fun for all the modern family even if in their day they would not have been intended - or certificated - for children. Just the accompanying documentary dvd to watch from the boxset now. (Also interesting seeing Dean Stockwell as a child actor, which he also was in the accompanying short; I think each film came with a cartoon and a short, to give you the full old moviegoing experience, which I thought was a great idea.)

(Scrolling through the results of a Google images search on Myrna Loy, as I have just done, is a very soothing experience which leaves you very impressed with the artistry and styles of Hollywood photographers.)