Wednesday, 27 February 2013

pillars of gold

I remember saying to Alison Lyon that it was always good when you read your first book by a particular author which you thought was very good, and you knew you had all the other books they'd written to look forward to. That was a long time ago, because I had just read my first Alice Thomas Ellis. I read a few after that, but I hadn't read any for ages, apart from Home Life (collected newspaper columns) a year or two ago, until I read Pillars of Gold in the last couple of weeks, and it was rather disappointing. Oh well.

I started another on my shelf - with in mind to create space, as with Pillars, as well as the fact that they are small to carry around (so many of the books I want to read are huge and unsuited to reading out and about), and short (wanting a couple of quick wins to make up for some of the other doorstops I'm curently working through) - and realised before long (when I came across the line about the good dying young because only the young are good) that I'd read it before, but I'll still read it all. It's Skeleton in the Cupboard, part of a trilogy of books which are the same story told by three different characters in the story. Hard to remember which ones I've read, clearly, and ATE wasn't one I'd done a list for of which books I'd read; I have now.