Saturday, 22 September 2012

clearing the decks

On Thursday I threw out a big bag full of mainly pages or articles torn out of newspapers and magazines with some extract or quote or fact or website in it I planned to note down. I also threw out a bag of publications which were backed up waiting to be read. Yesterday I made a start on moving out some of the books I've read but hadn't got rid of yet because I'd noted some page numbers of things to transcribe, but I'm not going to do that now either. And I've made a start on deleting all the many emails I've sent myself with links to things online I'd read and wanted to keep a note of (and deleted some old podcasts I'd saved similarly). And I'll probably cut down or end posts on here which are just links to things, with title and first line, and just have things I've written myself.

I've always been behind on things like that, and I've always liked doing it, but it's taking too long and creating too much pressure. It might free up more time and remove a burden, but it still feels a bit depressing and a bit like giving up.