Saturday, 18 August 2012

the queen and the opening ceremony

Cottrell Boyce wrote the storyline for the ceremony, as well as bashing out anything else that was needed: memos, reports and speeches for Boyle. He also did the Bond parody starring the Queen. 'Well, I typed it,' he says modestly. The Queen came up with the idea of appearing in the sketch herself. They had approached the palace for permission to use a lookalike, 'and it came back that she would like to do it', he says. 'Sebastian Coe told me that when they had the first meeting with her, she'd looked at the storyboards and asked what kind of helicopter  we'd be using. We'd drawn one kind of helicopter and she said that would never fit under Tower Bridge.' Her Majesty suggested a type that would. 'She's very helicopter brand-aware.'
- from The Week of 11 August, in item summarising Sunday Times article on Frank Cottrell Boyce, who wrote the Olympics opening ceremony