Monday, 9 July 2012

scottish football

I've been keeping in touch only generally over the months with the unfolding story of Rangers FC, but have paid more attention in recent weeks as things have come to a head, not least thanks to links to articles tweeted by Alex.

(I had a couple of Twitter exchanges with Alex around 27/28 June:
I: Rangers would show integrity and gain respect if they said right now, please put us in Div 3 for fresh start.
A: Very true. But I suspect for some that would still be too little too late given their recent bullying and blustering.
Later: I (in response to Alex posting this BBC News link re plan to parachute Rangers in to SFL1): Disappointing. What chances of enough SFL teams voting against, do you think?
A: Hard to say but fan anger is mounting & clubs seem to be listening. I'm not confident enough will do the right thing though.)
Here are some recent relevant articles, mostly from Alex Thomson, who I'd never heard of before Alex posted links but has been taking time out from his work as chief correspondent for Channel 4 News to write very good blog posts on the whole situation:
- How to detoxify the Rangers brand (Alex Thomson, 23 June)
- Strawpoll: what do Rangers fans want for the Newco (Alex Thomson, 25 June)
- SPL threaten breakaway second tier if clubs do not agree to Rangers plans (STV, 28 June)
- In full: Document sent to SFL clubs to put Rangers into the First Division (STV, 28 June)
- Latest Plan to Save “Rangers” Is An Abdication of Responsibility by the Football Authorities (Paul McConville blog, 29 June)
- Scottish football's last chance saloon (Alex Thomson, 29 June)
- People at Hampden foresaw Rangers meltdown (Alex Thomson, 30 June)
- Momentous day for Scottish football (Alex Thomson, 4 July)
- Rangers: the vote that never was (Alex Thomson, 7 July)
- 'Despicable' actions of Scottish football authorities (Alex Thomson, 7 July)

Actually hearing more of the pundits and journalists on the issue, what has really taken me by surprise has been the way in which so many of them have gone so firmly down the road of jettisoning any talk of justice and accepted the assumption that even putting Rangers down to SFL1 will be bad for Scottish football, in particular financially, and that justice should be set aside 'for the good of the game' - never mind that doing so would bring the Scottish game into deplorable disrepute. Essentially, that Rangers are 'too big to fail' - or to be allowed to fail. Heard Alex Thomson on the On The Ball podcast and he said he was struck by how the Scottish journalists on the whole were not questioning or probing or challenging these assertions and assumptions and statements by the executives (too cosy?).

The big SFL meeting is on Friday.