Wednesday, 11 July 2012

no chips in olympics canteen

Today's extraordinary Olympics sponsorship story, broken on Twitter:

Wow. The saddest, weirdest, most venal and repellent London 2012 "sponsorship obligation" yet? via

 RT So the first thing I see after reading this is this

Tom Chivers' related Telegraph blog item: London 2012 Olympics: McDonald's Is Watching You (and your chips)

Guardian article from 25 May on food outlets and food-related sponsorship restrictions in the Olympic park.

And here's a Guardian article from yesterday: The London Olympics is a corporate lockdown – why not a Games for all? London 2012 is turning into a sponsored security show, but the Games could be opened up to bring the ideal closer to reality

You do wonder if the handful of exclusive Olympic sponsors are appreciating all the publicity they're getting about the tight deals they cut and the draconian restrictions on everyone else, big and small.