Saturday, 4 September 2010

technological developments

Maintaining my reputation as a late adopter, a couple of things happened during our Lewis holiday:
- we used our laptop on my mother's wifi successfully, and yesterday took delivery of a BT wireless Home Hub, which we are now using
- we signed up for BT Fon/Openzone, which is free if you are BT Broadband at home, and tried that out successfully in Lewis too
- my iPod died, and looking into replacing it it looked like the best option was an iPod Touch, which I reckoned, and which it turns out everyone reckons, is essentially an iPhone without a phone in it. So I bought one of those on Wednesday, the day before - I discovered today - the big (annual?) Apple announcement of their new and upgraded products, doubtless pushing my model down to the bottom rung of the ladder, if that. Still, I'm liking it so far. And I successfully went online using that on our Home Hub yesterday. In fact, looking at the apple and John Lewis websites today, they newly-upgraded versions of the Touch are on sale now, £50 more expensive than the one I bought for extra features that I won't miss.
- Bethan would have bought a Samsung netbook on Wednesday too, if they'd had it in stock (John Lewis). And we will do a bit more research before we buy a new digital/fm/ipod-dock radio for the kitchen.

I told Douglas about this great leap forward and he reported this conversation with James:
Welcome to the world of wireless. I mentioned your advancement to James which provoked
"what! He has never been on the internet?"
"No he has used the internet and email for a very long time."
"But how could he connect to the internet without wi-fi?"
"He would use a cable."
"And plug it in?" Simulates the motion with a puzzled look.

It's one thing when technology from your own childhood seems positively primitive to your children, but another when it's technology from what seems like just yesterday.

The Touch is of course a double-edged sword, opening yet another way for the overwhelming torrent of information and entertainment. I'm not sure yet how I will use the Touch beyond music, but that will unfold gradually I expect. I have already watched something on it on the BBC iPlayer (and listened to the iPlayer on the laptop in the kitchen). I sent a short email to Bethan on it, but don't imagine I'll be doing a lot of typing on it.